Mandaluyong Affordable Whole Floor Office Space for Lease with 24/7 Capability

Mandaluyong Affordable Whole Floor Office Space for Lease with 24/7 Capability


Location: Greenfield District, Mandaluyong

  • Floor Area

    2, 221.25 sqms.

  • Type


  • Handover Condition

    Semi- Warm Shell

  • Building Type: Grade A
  • Capable of 24/7 Operations
  • Handover Condition: Semi- warm shell with smooth cement flooring, FCUs, lighting fixtures, FDAS and sprinkler system
  • Designated area for data centers per quadrant
  • Telcos: Fiber-optic internet backbone/ PLDT, Globe, Leopard
  • Aircon System: VRF
  • Aircon Charges: Based on consumption
  • Emergency Back- Up Power: 150%
  • The building has 24/ 7 Security Personnel and CCTV in the common areas.
  • Advantageous location

The property’s prime proximity to major thoroughfares such as EDSA and Shaw Boulevard, thereby making it highly accessible to mass transportation systems like buses, jeepneys and mass rail transit (MRT). For future tenants, this spells utmost convenience, accessibility and safety for employees. It is definitely a plus for BPO workers to enjoy convenient, reliable and secure modes of commuting or transportation.

  • Green Building

Compliant as per Local Government Unit

  • Fire Protection System

3 Fire escapes per floor, remote from each other

Provided with a sprinkler system and FDAS on all floors

  • Emergency Power

5 units of 2000 kw capacity generator sets (4 active, 1 stand-by)

Capable of 56 hours continuous operation before fueling

  • Telecommunication System

Provision for 3 Telco providers

2 separate Telecom risers, remote from each other

  • Utilities

Individual electric / water metering for each quadrant

  • Elevators

Installed Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS) for efficiency and shortened waiting time

6 Passenger elevators for low zone floors

6 Passenger elevators for high zone floors

2 Car Park elevators from the basement to the main lobby and all commercial floors

1 service elevator to all floors

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